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Today, I have realized something about myself that I am ashamed of.

Alright, You ready?

Well….I am a kleptomaniac, specializing in Firestick Remotes.


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  Alright, seriously, does anyone else have a husband that watches every single sport year-round? I DO!!! As I settle in for the next 7 games of the NBA finals, my expectations of my hubby paying attention to me is low. See, my hubby is a junkie of the worst sports kind. I am hit by sports every way possible. Let’s see ………. we have College Football, NFL, Local high school football when its playoffs and championship. Moving to college basketball, that also runs all the way to March.  During this time, he begins watching hockey and the beginning of baseball season. ...

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  1. “We do not pee down AC Vents!”


(My daughter by 2 was in a big girl bed because she was scaling her crib and it had become too dangerous. She was potty trained. But all the sudden her room started to smell like pee. We couldn’t figure out where. We were sniffing floors, bedsheets, comforters, teddy bears, and anything that had fabric that could have smell. Nothing. Well…this continued for months. Finally, one day she had aged enough that she could communicate with us pretty well. We were actually

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  1. @39……………….My definition of “Going Out” translates to Drinking by 4 pm (maybe earlier). Drunk by 8, and Home and in bed by 9 pm. You will be wasting your time if you try to get me to go out later than 7 pm. Even then, my mind is making a hell of an argument for why my bed looks better than a bar stool.

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