Wife of a Sports Fanatic Part II: Year Round Commitment

Wife of a Sports Fanatic Part II: Year Round Commitment


Alright, seriously, does anyone else have a husband that watches every single sport year-round? I DO!!! As I settle in for the next 7 games of the NBA finals, my expectations of my hubby paying attention to me is low.

See, my hubby is a junkie of the worst sports kind. I am hit by sports every way possible. Let’s see ………. we have College Football, NFL, Local high school football when its playoffs and championship. Moving to college basketball, that also runs all the way to March.  During this time, he begins watching hockey and the beginning of baseball season.  As we turn the corner and finish up March Madness, we begin the NBA playoffs. Ummmm……………What the fuck! NBA doesn't have playoffs. It’s a whole other season! Seriously, 7 possible freaking games per meeting of teams. What the fuck! I go through about 2.5 months of playoffs.  With golf during the day and UFC’s every Saturday night those hours are taken up. Don’t underestimate the power of the Little League World Series, which runs all summer.  At that point, we pick up on the start of college football and we’ve begun his year again. During this whole year, he, will sometimes put on a little WWE.

Oh, but there is more! Don’t forget his Thursday night softball team, and travel softball on weekends. (He plays 7 months out of the year.) When all else fails and he can’t watch a game of the above named. He will switch on some dumb ass beer belly slow pitch softball game on Live feed. 

This is the life of a sports fanatics wife!

P.S. I just walked upstairs and he had NCAA women’s softball on!

OMG!!! FML!!

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