10 Reasons I know I am Old

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10 Reasons I know I am Old

10 Reason I know I am old.


  1. You know I am pushing 40 when cutesie bras stop being priority. Rather, the more comfortable the better. Even if it sacrifices the look. Today, it took me a whole minute to decide which side was supposed to be facing out!!! Yep, No wire. It may or may not have been a nursing bra!
  2. You know I am pushing 40 when I catch myself referring to ear buds as “Walkman Ears.” If that doesn’t show my age, I don’t know what will.
  3. You know I am pushing 40, when that radio station that always played the love songs on weekends, (Delilah) where you could dedicate songs to your boyfriend, now, has become the favorite among the pre-sets!
  4. You know you’re old when you hype yourself up to make a drink at home. Mine, an orange crush. Prepare the most perfect drink, just to take one sip. Because you psychologically satisfied your wild side.
  5. I know I am pushing 40, when I can actually can say that I played under a highway underpass, picking cat tails, and flattening pennies on the train tracks! My kid isn’t allowed out of my back yard better yet a highway underpass!
  6. I know I am old when I sacrifice cute underwear for spanx! I’d rather have biker short style underwear and no thigh chafing than cutesie underwear and a big rash between the thunder thighs!
  7. You know you’re old when you plan out the washing of your hair so that you can let it dry the day before to be able to do it the next day. Done are the days where I would wash, dry, and style in a 2 hour routine.
  8. Using the phrase, “Sweet” gets young kids looking at me like I looked at people my age when they would say, “Groovy.”
  9. I am around long enough to see scrunchies, fannie packs, mary janes, and mom jeans come back in style!!!! I, seriously have a hard time envisioning scrunchies or fannie packs as fashion. Goddesses, I own a store! Its soooo hard to see these items as “Cool.” (Oops, cool shows my age)
  10. I’ve been around long enough for my first car to have roll down windows, tape player, lighter, ashtray, and turn knob sunroof, and it was only a year old when we bought it. Oh yeah, 1995 Mazda MX3! Love that car!

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  • Nancy

    Love this, I’m 55, thank you for the great laugh <3

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