Beauty Makes Me Cry

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Beauty Makes Me Cry

The other day, my daughter came into the TV room. Not at all surprised that I was crying, because this is a daily occurrence. She grabs my hand and puts it in hers and says, “Mommy, why do you cry so much?” I looked at her with a smile through my tears, I said, “I, happy cry.” She looked at me very oddly and said, “But why do you cry happy tears.?” I looked at her, as I wiped my tears, “Isa, there is so much evil in this world. When mommy can see beauty surrounding her and, in the world,, it makes me so happy, I cry.” She shrugged her shoulders and kissed my hand, “I love you, mommy.” That was it. I lost it.


See, I rarely cry when I am sad. I rarely cry when I am scared. I don’t cry when I get angry and rarely when I am sick. But I am a crier. How is this possible? Well…….Beauty makes me cry. Humanity, love, compassion, and tolerance makes me cry. A beautiful voice will send me to the floor. An act of kindness will make me sob. See, I don’t cry when I am sad. I cry because the beauty of this world, life, and the beings that live here inspire me to be better.  Doesn’t it make you feel good? I see kindness and it fills my heart with love. Beauty makes me cry.


Who is the same way?

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