My Fuzzy Feeling for Southwest Airlines! The Official Review!

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My Fuzzy Feeling for Southwest Airlines! The Official Review!

When I decide on an airline, I always have a tender place in my heart for Southwest.

Not only does, Southwest Airlines, kick ass because of comfortable seats, awesome flight attendants, free luggage, snacks on plane,  etc.….., But, the whole airline in general is amazing. This warm & fuzzy place in my heart for Southwest comes from a time when I was 19 years old. Now, let me set this story up. This was in 1998, so things were different. I know, I know….the younger readers are like how much different? Well……….

When I was 19, airports had minimal security. No certain times you had to be there. Run to your gate type of atmosphere. You could step outside and smoke, or use the smoking rooms in the airport. The last airplanes with smoking sections were being filtered out. So, airplanes still had ashtrays on your armrest!! 

One day, after partying all night, I woke up in the morning so I could fly home to Maryland for the weekend. I was totally hungover.  When I say hungover, I mean epic. The type that you lie on the cold bathroom floor just to get slight relief.  You know the type of hangover I am talking about. You prayed to the porcelain God for hours. Regretting my decision to drink, I, hastily,  got up and made my way to the airport. I wanted to vomit at every mile marker. I had just gotten to the airport and was just about to go through security when I got the watery mouth. “Oh lord.” I thought to myself. ‘I’m going to explode.” It was imminent, I was going to vomit. I had a huge problem.  The bathrooms were on the other side of the security metal detectors. I waited in line, trying to grip my lips together and think of anything else than how I was feeling. That was it,  the forehead sweat began. I touched my forehead and it was soaked. I was screwed. “Please God, let me get through this checkpoint!”  I couldn’t hold it. I sprinted to the trash can.  

Two steps away from successfully getting there, I vomited. Now I have it on my face, the floor, my hands, and my clothes. My airplane is 5 minutes from leaving. This is the worst situation possible. A slew of people ran to me, “Miss, are you okay? Are you Okay?” Handing me napkins from their fast food bags and purses. From that point on, it spiraled out of control. The next thing I know, they have the onsite paramedics attending to me.  They are wanting to take me to the hospital! How could I tell them I was hungover? LOL. So I talked them down, and they settled for allowing me to be wheelchaired to the gate. From there on out, Southwest was amazing.

They held the flight for me. I was wheelchaired by their staff down to the gate.  I came onto the plane and was immediately met by a flight attendant. She had for me a bottle of water, a blanket, and a whole row of seats to myself.

VIP treatment is what Southwest gave me.  All because I had an epic hangover. Southwest will forever be my favorite airline!

5 Star Review!!!! LOL



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