Secret Life of a Cartoon Junkie

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Secret Life of a Cartoon Junkie

My name is Dena and I am addicted to Cartoons. I use my daughter as a pawn to feed my addiction. I psychology brain wash, “You want to watch cartoons, don’t you?” I sunk as low as in the mornings talking her into watching it while she wakes up. I was in heaven, Ducktales , the whole entire year of 1st grade. Can’t get enough. I chase the dragon to get another taste. I claim she’s watching them, but she loses interest in five minutes. I just happen to forget to turn it off after she leaves. Allowing me to get my fix. I don’t like this new cartoon era. I want the Oldies. The ones that when I  got off school as a kid, I anticipated unwinding in front of the T.V.  watching one of my favorties:  Ducktales, Talespin, Rescue Rangers, Gummi bears, and Snorks! I m sure many more. I don’t know if its the unconscious desire to relive my youth. Maybe, for the 23 minutes its on, my stress level is zero. Who knows? All I know, is there a Cartoon Anonymous! 

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  • Dianne

    I love cartoons too!! Lol

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