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Today, I prayed to the laundry God. This is the almighty power that I pray to when I want my clothes protected while washing them. Today, I prayed to protect my husband’s brand new long sleeve Under Armour Work Pullover. You know the ones equipped with logo of the his company. His very important & brand new, never worn, company logo top.  (Side note: Why was is it in the wash?)

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No one tells you that after you have a baby, your body will hate you for the rest of your life. If you are the fortunate few that actually did your Kegel exercises in beast mode, then maybe you have a slight advantage. However, if you are the majority……we welcome you to the Loco Bladder Club

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This is what my "inner" voice was saying:

All women unite!!! We are multi-tasking goddesses. We are like pool players but with everyday life. Planning 5 steps ahead at all times. It’s the end result that counts

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 I show my age of 39 when for a good month after the Drake song, “Hotline Bling,” I was singing, “You can call me on telephone”. One day, my daughter, Isa, looks at me with this look of curiosity. Scrunching her nose in confusion. She says, ‘Mommy, what is a telephone?” I am looking at her like a puppy that doesn’t understand. I was confused. How the fuck does she not know what a telephone is? (Okay, so never knew that all phones including cellphone do not fit under the main category telephone.) Well, 

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I’m going to be honest, since starting my Website I’ve decided I should dress less like a stereotypical stay at home mom, and more like someone with some sense of style. Now, during the times I’m not writing or creating, I sell consignment  (Poshmark denaroland94). One important element of consigning is know what’s “IN”,  in the fashion world. Using what I know, I decided this morning that I would dress myself in what has taken the Country and our younger generations by storm ……..The Boho Look! Okay, so right now to give you the low down on fashion, its boho,...

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