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 I show my age of 39 when for a good month after the Drake song, “Hotline Bling,” I was singing, “You can call me on telephone”. One day, my daughter, Isa, looks at me with this look of curiosity. Scrunching her nose in confusion. She says, ‘Mommy, what is a telephone?” I am looking at her like a puppy that doesn’t understand. I was confused. How the fuck does she not know what a telephone is? (Okay, so never knew that all phones including cellphone do not fit under the main category telephone.) Well, 

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blog, blog posts, blogger, boutique, clearance items, favorites, items, mom blog, post, sale items, store, store items -

Captain’s Log Sept 21st—Today was an okay day. Started out great. For some reason, I looked at Doug and wanted to rip his face off. What was that about? Hmmm…further investigation of beginning of next period is warranted. Should pre-warning be given to Isa & Doug? Nah, it may be nothing. May be false alarm.

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