Twas' the Night Before 40 (Poem)

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Twas' the Night Before 40 (Poem)

(Read it like Twas' the Night Before Xmas)


Twas’ the night before 40 and all was quiet as a mouse.

Not a peep from my snoring hubby or beeps from my house.

I was up all night thinking about turning forever old

when out comes my hemorrhoid touching the toilet bowl

I stand up from the toilet, all kinds of thoughts in my head

My body Aching and creaking every step back to the bed.

I stop at the mirror and take a deep breath in.

I feel like my body is like the man in Oz made of tin.

My skin has dulled down and now shows my true age.

Wrinkly hands grip my face as I get ready for this new page

My youthfulness has gone and I no longer need ID

My first car that I own is now registered antique

I’ve become that woman that can quote many a story

For every life lesson learned that happened before 40.

 I suck in my belly while lifting my boobs back to place.

It’s been a long time since they were in its original space.

My spider veins and stretch marks tells my body’s story.               

It tells of the strength, and sacrifice I gave for my child’s glory.

Although it’s sometimes hard to look a myself as old.

I would never go back to the beginning of this mold.

Here is to 40, Cheers for all that is new to come.

No matter what happens, I have already won.


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